Princess Ella

Royal Introduction
Princess Ella will say hello to all the little princesses and knights, and offer a special royal hug to the birthday girl. She is so excited to meet all her new friends, and will have them each do a special introduction.

Once Upon A Storytime  
She will share her story of finding love, and magic with all the children.

Royal Ball 
She will host a royal ball and invite all the children to sing and dance to one or two of her favourite songs.

Magical Make-up 
All the girls will receive special princess makeup. The princess will also bring along special tattoos for the boys in attendance.

Fun Fairytale Games 
She will play one or two fun princess-themed games with the children. Our games are enjoyed by everyone and suitable for a large range or ages.

Playful Prizes 
To congratulate everyone on participating in the games, all the Princesses and Princes will receive a special colouring sheet with her personal autograph along with a special prize.

Special Princess Oath

It is time for your child to be crowned a real princess! The Princess will help the birthday girl recite the Special Princess Oath. She will then present her with a keepsake scroll and  sparkly rhinestone tiara to crown her as a real princess!

Princess Portraits 
She is now ready to pose for photos with the newly crowned princess and all her friends. 


Happy Birthday!  

Finally, the princess will gather everyone to sing Happy Birthday. If requested, the princess can also sing with your cake.  

**Up to 15 children. If there are more than 15 guests the princess will need to alter her routine**

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